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Not Only Angels

Not Only Angels 2

Anria Breed

Evah is so used to being used that she feels forsaken by God, but her belief is challenged when her uncle cleans up his life. If religion can change him, does it offer her a similar salvation? Evah must learn that God never abandoned her, but that she must also challenge her circumstances and her perception of love. Fortunately she realises that there are many good people who want to help her find spiritual fulfilment and become the woman of God’s plan.


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When Voices and Demons Collide

When Voices and Demons Collide 1

Ellie Grace, Anria Breed

Skye cannot adjust to life without her sister, who died in a car accident. Therapy and group sessions are not working … until she falls in love with the enigmatic Logan. He has some serious issues himself, including survivor guilt after a car accident. It is when they discover the fateful connection between their lives that their relationship is tested and their faith in God challenged.

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