Mary Sadler

Just about a hundred and fifty years ago, in the latter half of the nineteenth century, the river Gariep is the northern border of the Cape Colony. Beyond lies uncharted country, untamed veld giving way to the great red dunes of the hostile Kalahari Desert. This is Africa. SAND is its story.

Three white people, defying their Church and society, settle on the edge of the Kalahari to escape censure. One young man is the girl’s husband, the other her lover. One must die to secure their future. SAND is their story.

Kora is the last hereditary chief of the Korana clans living along the Gariep. He has vowed to avenge his people, who have been hounded from their ancestral lands in the south by white settlers, but knows that time is running out. The river banks which shelter them will shortly become their last stand against the British Colonial troops. SAND is his story.

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