A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Barsoom · No. 1

A tale of adventure and romance forty-three million miles from Earth.

John Carter goes to sleep in a mysterious cave in the Arizona desert and wakes to find himself on the planet Mars. He meets with a succession of weird and astonishing adventures, told in that fascination and realistic way that belongs to Burroughs alone.

Think for a moment of this young man battling for a very beautiful woman, with creatures fifteen feet high, and of fearsome aspect with two extra limbs, which will function either as legs or arms, mounted on horses like dragons, and attended by watch-dogs like enormous frogs with ten legs, and you can get some idea of the thrills in the yarn.

Only the man who created Tarzan, the ape-man, could write so bold a story.

Originally published in 1917.

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